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3 Ways to Make Your Shower Feel More Relaxing

Apr 15, 2021 9:27:38 AM / by Mariah Farrens

How to make your shower feel more relaxing 


3 Quick Tips:
  1. "Work out or run errands before your shower to make it more enjoyable. It can be as simple as going for a walk or doing some jumping jacks, or as complex as working out in the gym for an hour. Your body will crave a hot shower after all that exercise. This will tire your body out, and make your shower feel more relaxing." Source

  2. Set the mood. Spend just a few minutes preparing for your shower. Grab those fancy guest towels you have stored away and use them on yourself. Prep your towels by tossing them in the dryer or plop them on your towel dryer.

  3. Treat yourself after your shower your new relaxation routine doesn't have to end the minute you step out of the shower. Try sipping on your favorite cup of tea. (Peter's favorite type of tea is earl grey with a touch of milk.) Grab your favorite lotion and rehydrate your skin.
~ *Bonus Relaxation Tip ~
Light your favorite relaxing candle scent or
use multiple candles and use them as the light source.
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Mariah Farrens

Written by Mariah Farrens

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