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How to Choose Shower Fixtures

Apr 23, 2021 11:07:33 AM / by Mariah Farrens

Shower fixtures serve an important role in our everyday routine. They can either be our friends as they function to help us relax and unwind at the end of the day. Or they could be a constant reminder that we need to take action to update their poor water flow, slime buildup, and outdated appearance.

No matter how new your shower fixtures are they play an important role in the health and routine for you and your family so they need to continue to not only hold up over time but function at a high level.

shower set_feature_distintcity

If you are looking to update your fixtures there are a few factors to consider when making shower fixture selections. 

  • What should you look for when you are buying a new shower?
  • How much money should I spend on the shower fixtures?
  • What options are available?








Shower Configurations

There is a multitude of options when it comes to your shower fixtures.

A good place to start if you are replacing your existing fixtures is to determine if you'd like to keep your existing setup or not. Are you in need of adding a tub filler or a handheld wand?  Take a look at these common shower configurations below. 

shower set configuration_options-1

What Options are Available?

Now that we have taken a look at some common shower set configurations, you probably have a pretty good idea as to what fixtures you are looking for to update your existing or build your ideal shower setup.

Many brands offer shower sets, which help to easily pair together multiple outlets (aka. tub filler, body jets, handhelds, etc. ) The shower set selector tool is an easy way to help narrow down your options and design your dream shower setup.

How much should I spend on a shower set?

Cost Breakdown of Shower FixturesF703-1-1_CMYK-3

Shower Head Pricing = $35-$2,000+ | Source

Showerheads come in many different sizes, shapes, and finishes.

They usually are the component in the shower that does most of the heavy lifting and receive all the credit for whether or not one has a relaxing shower. There are multiple options you'll have to consider. The first decision may be looking at whether you want a ceiling or wall-mounted showerhead. Over the past few years, ceiling mounted shower heads have been picking up popularity some even opt for having two showerheads. 

Now along with how the fixture is mounted now you can get into choosing the style and function of the showerhead that most suits your new dream shower to be. Popular options include rain showerheads and multi-spray options. 

Most Common Shower Heads Options




Shower Panels

Dual Function

Different Spray functions (massage, etc.)

"11 Different Types of Shower Heads." .

tub filler_matteblackTub Filler Pricing = $95-$3,000+ | Source

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If you are in the market for a tub filler there are a few options to keep in mind. The first decision you'll have to make is if you want a wall-mounted or a deck/tub-mounted tub filler. From that decision, you'll have more choices at your fingertips if you'd like multiple functions. 

Most Common Tub Fillers Options

Wall- Mounted 



Now showerheads and tub fillers are the most common and simplest set-up one can get from their shower.

Once you add in body jets, multiple shower heads, and hand-held options for your shower you tend to get into the category of shower sets or shower systems. Let's dive into what to look for and expect with shower systems. What options are out there? 

Shower Systems Pricing - $200-5,000+

RBV-444-Modern Ridge-251-Edit

Now the price range varies so much for a shower system because of a few factors. 

  1. The number of outlets
  2.  Quality of the materials used
  3. The brand

How to Choose the perfect Shower Kit (Experts top tips) 

If you are looking at shower systems then you probably have a pretty good understanding of the outlets you are looking for for your dream shower design. 

Many brands and shower systems offer pre-built shower kits that come with all the various outlets you need all in one box. *Tip be sure to double-check to make sure if the valve is included with the shower kit.


The shower set selector tool is a great place to start if you are looking for a customized shower experience without all the hassle of piecing together separate components. Simply select the finish, shape, and outlets you are looking for and you'll be directed to a kit that contains all the components.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started on the right track to designing your dream shower.

5 Tips to Choosing Shower Fixtures

  1. Determine your "must-haves" - do your research to get a clear picture as to what outlets you'd like with the shower Know your outlets
  2. Have a budget in mind
  3. Keep an open mind for shipping and production delays
  4. Look at pre-built shower kits
  5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

Choosing shower fixtures can be an exciting, yet daunting, task. We hope this article helps gives you somewhat of an idea of how to get your dream shower started.

Did you have any other tips for selecting shower fixtures?

Mariah Farrens

Written by Mariah Farrens